Team Double O-C

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Oh wait!... Who's that??? Is it Matt-Rat???... Nope, it's Rachael's lean-mean-running-machine partner in crime! Posted by Hello

Monday, April 04, 2005

Causing trouble at ODP...Merimac's Biggest Fans! Posted by Hello

Tambourine Girl & The Brian Wilson Twins Posted by Hello

Jeremy, Jenn, Heidi, Rachael & Rebecca Posted by Hello

Thursday, March 31, 2005

Sharing one half-brain...what a challenge some days

The following events take place between 1330 and the middle of a hurricane...
Heidi the Honda, driven by Rachael the chauffeur, cruised over to UPEI & found the most unreal parking space. Things are going too well... R & R started hunting down random change to put in the meter (because we are all too cheap to buy a parking pass). In the great excitement of trying to get out of the car and scoot over to Steele to type up a clinical assignment... the half-brain twin-twits lept out of the car, locked the doors (which Rebecca NEVER does) & filled up the meter...seconds later... Rachael looked at Rebecca and said "Oh no..." So they peeked in the window & saw the keys in the ignition. Oh dear... So off they scoot to call 3 Carvell for someone to come to the rescue... but no one was willing to step up to the job. So Alain... our local CAA tech was in the neighbourhood of Carvell Court & he brought the keys to UPEI. R & R venture back to the car, get in... and Rachael turned the key (which was still in the ignition) and they heard a loud screeching noise... probably because the engine was already running and had been for the last two hours... in the parking lot at UPEI.

So... this is what it's like to share one brain 4 ways... when 2 parts of the brain are absent!

There's trouble! Posted by Hello

80's Dance Diva Posted by Hello

Meg & Jenn Posted by Hello

Monday, March 28, 2005

Living in a landfill site at Carvell Court... Tip: Putting your waste in inside-out black garbage bags= REJECTION tag from Mr. Garbage Man Posted by Hello

OK... that's just WRONG! Who let Mildred out of the crack house??? Posted by Hello

Unreal dance party at Belyea Estates... the Champ had his groove on! Posted by Hello

St. Paddy's Day at Belyea Estates... Revs + Caesars = Double O-C Posted by Hello

Who could resist that smile??? Posted by Hello

Luckiest Guy Ever! Posted by Hello

Erika & Heather~ Degrassi High circa 1980 Posted by Hello

Team Double O-C Posted by Hello